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It is vital for legal documents to be handled with precision and for them to be distributed as quickly
as possible.
GEM Translations understands the importance of timing and attention to detail when dealing with financial
There is a high volume of essential documentation generated in the IT sector which requires efficient and
cost-effective management.
GEM Translations provides quality translation services for the legal, financial and IT sectors. We cover most major languages in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The translators we work with are qualified professionals who translate exclusively into their first language. This ensures that translations are accurate and meaningful to the end user.

Translators are handpicked according to their experience and specialist knowledge of our clients’ industries.

GEM is dedicated to the provision of a transparent, end-to-end translation service which balances our clients’ 3 main priorities: time, quality and cost.

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GEM Translations opens Middle East branch
A warm welcome to Alexandra and Gillian in Oman!


So You Want to be a Translator?
Becoming a translator is usually more involved than people first think. It's not enough to have a languages degree or to be bi-lingual.
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