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Financial Services Authority
An independent organisation which regulates the financial services industry and provides information to companies and consumers.
The Committee of Scottish Clearing Bankers
An independent committee which represents Scottish Clearing Banking within a British context.
Hays Accountancy and Finance
Recruitment consultancy specialising in recruitment for financial positions.


The Law Society of Scotland
The governing body for Scottish solicitors.
UK-wide online law magazine.
The website for the European Union including information on the European Court of Justice and the European Central Bank.


Membership-driven trade organisation for software, telecommunications and IT in Scotland.
Organisation developed in partnership with Scottish Enterprise, ScotlandIS and industry leaders to develop and market innovative Scottish technology.
Now Business
Scotland-based, technology-focussed membership organisation promoting knowledge sharing between businesses for their mutual growth.

General Business

Financial Times website
The Sunday Herald Business Section
Insider Group website, publisher of Scottish Business Insider.

International Trade

Scottish Council for Development and Industry
An independent Scottish membership organisation for economic development.
Scottish Development International
The principal government funded international economic development agency for Scotland.
Business Gateway International
Arm of Scottish Enterprise supporting Scottish business into international trade.