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It is vital for legal documents to be handled with precision and for them to be distributed as quickly as possible.

During court proceedings cases may be lost or incur costly delays if evidentiary information is missing or is not available in good time.

Contractual negotiations dictate that all parties need to be kept up to date with the latest information and developments to enable informed decision-making and deal making.

Translation is a deadline-driven industry so we are accustomed to working together with our legal clients in a time-pressured environment. The professionalism of our translators ensures that we deliver quality documentation on or before time, every time.

GEM Translations understands the importance of timing and attention to detail when dealing with financial documentation.

Documents such as year-end accounts contain figures which need to be reproduced with absolute accuracy.

Mergers and acquisitions can run from 100’s of pounds to 100’s of millions of pounds and any finance house dealing internationally needs to know that the translated documentation on which they base their negotiations is sound and reliable.

Many of the translators who work on our financial texts first started their careers as accountants and have many years of accumulated knowledge in the field. Their combined hands-on experience and linguistic ability ensures the accuracy of all translated documents.

Information Technology
There is a great volume of essential documentation generated in the IT sector which requires efficient and cost-effective management.

It is a huge industry producing vast quantities of documentation at every stage of the process from design right through to customer support.

The translation of hardware manuals, software interfaces and help files, online content and marketing materials as well as regular updates for all of the above need to be managed.

GEM uses specialist translation management software to assist this complex process. It helps translators manage their work more efficiently which results in a high level of consistency across all translated documentation.

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