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GEM has a number of built-in quality procedures which ensure we produce translated documents that the end user can rely on.

GEM has specific recruitment criteria which potential translators must meet. These are based on the requirements for membership of the Institute for Translation and Interpreting (ITI) which is the UKs leading association for language professionals.

The minimum requirements are:
Degree level education
• Post-graduate qualification in translation such as the Diploma in Translation
• 3 years experience in translation
• 2 professional references

Native Language Translations
All our translations are carried out by native speakers of the target language.

For example; a native French speaker translates documentation requiring translation into French. A native English speaker translates documentation requiring translation into English.

This is an important quality standard as it is the only way to ensure that the resulting translation sounds natural and truly resonates with the end user.

Proofreading and editing is an essential part of producing an accurate and polished translation. Our translators are contracted to check all work before submission and independent proofreading can be commissioned when required.

In addition, all outgoing work is checked in-house for general errors and omissions and proofreading feedback is always communicated to the original translator to assist with ongoing professional development.

GEM documents every translation project, recording who worked on which texts, the languages, the required style and delivery schedules. This provides increased transparency and accountability for our clients.

Also, we are the only translation company we know of in the UK to have introduced a Code of Conduct for Translators.

This code details what we expect from translators in terms of undertaking projects and implementing quality procedures. It is in addition to our standard Terms and Conditions and translators abide by it when working with GEM.


GEM Translations’ strength is that we know our translators very well and take care to build ongoing working relationships with them.

This provides us with an insight into their capabilities which allows us to make fully informed decisions when matching translators to the requirements of a particular project.

Our ‘insider’ knowledge of the abilities of individual translators is a valuable asset to our clients and ensures that their documents are always worked on by translators with the appropriate skill set.

Security and Confidentiality
GEM translators are contracted to maintain confidentiality at all times and to take all reasonable measures such as the use of firewall and antivirus software to ensure that documents remain confidential.

Where appropriate for a certain project, GEM and its translators may sign a separate Non-Disclosure Agreement.

GEM is one of only a few translation companies to have a published complaints procedure (see Trading Terms and Conditions.)


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