gem Translations
GEM provides specialist translation services covering most major languages in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We specialise in 3 main sectors: legal, financial and IT.

By concentrating on 3 specific sectors we’ve built up a bank of knowledge which allows us to provide a truly value-added service.

The translators we work with are highly experienced professionals in their field. They possess much more than a translation capability. Most translators are qualified in their chosen specialism as well as in translation.

Many have a practical, working history in legal, financial or IT environments in the UK and abroad.

This means they are fully cognisant of the cultural and commercial issues within a given document which renders the translation output not only accurate and impartial but resonant with the end user.

Languages List
File Formats
MS Office; eg. Word, Excel, PPT
Design packages; eg. .PSD, .AI, .PNG
Hard copy/fax/CD ROM