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GEM Translations Terms and Conditions for Translators 2006


GEM: means the language services company GEM Translations of Edinburgh.
TRANSLATOR: Means any language professional commissioned by GEM to undertake language work.
PROJECT: Means any language services commissioned from translators such as translation, proofreading, localisation or language consultation.


Before undertaking their first project for GEM, translators shall agree to follow GEMs Code of Conduct for Translators and shall adhere to it for the length of the working relationship.


Translators shall only agree to take on projects for which they are qualified and for which they have the requisite skills, reference materials and ability to complete within the agreed timescale, budget and to the highest possible standard.

Translators shall always translate into their first language unless an exceptional case has been agreed in writing with GEM.

Translators shall make use of any reference material given to them by GEM and should always approach GEM with unresolved terminology queries.
Should a translator undertake a project and then later find that they are unable to complete it within the agreed timescale or to the required standard for whatever reason then they should inform GEM of the issue at the earliest possible time and should make reasonable efforts to recommend a suitable replacement translator.
Translators shall endeavour to inform GEM at the earliest possible time if any quality issues in source texts arise which they feel will inhibit their progress or affect the standard of the text in translation. Minor errors or omissions in source texts should also be noted down and conveyed to GEM in writing during the course of a project.

Translators shall read-through, spell-check and re-check all projects before submission. Translators should not undertake a project if they do not feel the deadline allows sufficient time to perform thorough proofreading and checking procedures.



Translators shall take all reasonable measures to safeguard the confidentiality of documents both in electronic format and hard copy which is sent to them to quote for or to start work on a project.
Translators shall maintain the confidentiality of all documents sent to them for a project including documents for translation, reference materials and GEM administrative documentation unless authority is otherwise given in writing.
Translators should not seek to gain from any confidential information learned or disclosed to them during the project and should not seek to gain from the passing on to a third party of any confidential information learned or disclosed during a project.


11. Translators shall be willing to sign separate a Non-Disclosure Agreement for a project if reasonably requested to do so.


Translators shall submit invoices for projects on the date of completion or very soon after the completion of a project. All invoices should contain the Purchase Order Number of the project, the translators name and full contact details, the amount agreed, in the currency agreed and the date of issue of the invoice. GEM reserves the right not to accept responsibility for payment of invoices submitted 1 month or more from the date of delivery of the completed project without good reason or for invoices which do not contain the correct information.

Payment queries should quote the Purchase Order Number of the project and should be sent by email to Should a payment error occur such as a payment not being issued at the correct time or an incorrect amount being paid then translators shall provide GEM with the details of any suspected error and shall give GEM a reasonable amount of time in which to investigate, bearing in mind most accounting is carried out at the end of each month.


Translators shall be paid 30 days from the end of the month in which the invoice is submitted, without exception.


These Terms and Conditions shall be considered as a Contract, made in the UK and according to Scots Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.